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Marty and Tiffany

Marty and Tiffany

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is too cute!! Now that the paperwork is done and its time to wait, My sister says it's time to relax. She sent this to me today in an email. I thought I'd share it with you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally Finished!

Marty and I just finished mailing off the final and last piece of the adoption puzzle. All of the paperwork is complete and State certified. This was an extremely long and tidious process. I am so glad to have this over. I have contacted the agency to them know that they will be receiving our complete dossier by 4:00 tomorrow evening. Lets pray they receive it and then do not lose it. I have attached a picture of the paperwork. I am so proud to have this finished that I had to take a picture to put on the blog so everyone else could see what we've done. Keep on

Just for the record, these are individual stacks of the certain documents.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paperwork Found

YEAH!!! The agency called and they found the paperwork. I was so excited. I was dreading having to redo some of it. I also returned home from work today to find a card from the post office telling me that a package came for me that I must sign for. Guess What??? It is from the State of LA. It is the final piece of the adoption puzzle. Tomorrow I will pick it up, run to Kinko's to make 6 colored copies of each page and then send it with a signature card to the agency. We will then be done!!!

Keep praying that the paperwork is correct and not expired. If everything is good then all we do now is wait.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Follow-up from Agency

The agency just called and they still cannot find the paperwork. Our case worker is sending over night the agency form that needs to be filled out again because they need the original document for that. The rest of the paperwork can be copies. Hopefully this will be corrected by the time I get the paperwork from the State. I contacted our local social worker to inform her of the situation. She will be the one to complete the missing form. I am determined to complete all of this by Friday of next week. I will keep you posted.

Good News, Not so Good News and Good News

Ok, so my birthday was good. I did not get the paperwork mailed off like I wanted to but that was ok because I mailed it off yesterday!!! YEAH!!!!! Our paperwork should be State Certified next week. They will receive it today but I am sure it will not be processed until Monday. Hopefully I will have it back next week and then I can send it to the agency and complete this whole process by Friday!!!!!!

Now the bad news! I called the agency to confirm that they received our first completed set of documents. Well, they can't find them. I checked the USPS site and it shows that it was delivered on the 9th. CRAZY!!! Is this a sign from GOD? I don't know but I do know that if they do not find the paperwork they are going to receive a call from Marty and it will not be a friendly conversation. Please pray that they find the paperwork and that all runs smoothly from here.

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Expired Paperwork Already!

Can you believe it!!!! I was getting the last bit of paperwork together to send to the State and noticed that the medical reports are now expired. I wanted to scream. They expire after 6 months. That means that we will have to continue to update these and our fingerprints often over the next two years or until the process is complete. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am determined to send this paperwork off as my present to me. Marty said that I should not worry because of course it is in God's timing. Typical answer from Marty. I just feel like I am the one slowing everything down. Anyway, I do agree and accept the fact that bumps are going to continue to happen along the way. I am just ready for a smooth ride.

Continue to pray!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finally!!! We Received the document!

Yeah!!! I am so excited. I just opened the mailbox and found our letter from the CIS with the Approval Letter we have been waiting on. This is the absolute last document we need. Tomorrow I will call our agency to confirm that I have all the paperwork in order. Then I will fedex the paperwork to the Secretary of States office in Baton Rouge to have them certify each document. I will need to make 4 copies for the goverment both US and China. Crazy huh. I may make 6 color copies just in case something gets lost. And finally I will send the documents to the agency where they will then send them to China. That is a process that is approximately 2-3 weeks. Hopefully all of this will be completed by Friday of next week.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you.

Keep on praying.