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Marty and Tiffany

Marty and Tiffany

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Expired Paperwork Already!

Can you believe it!!!! I was getting the last bit of paperwork together to send to the State and noticed that the medical reports are now expired. I wanted to scream. They expire after 6 months. That means that we will have to continue to update these and our fingerprints often over the next two years or until the process is complete. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am determined to send this paperwork off as my present to me. Marty said that I should not worry because of course it is in God's timing. Typical answer from Marty. I just feel like I am the one slowing everything down. Anyway, I do agree and accept the fact that bumps are going to continue to happen along the way. I am just ready for a smooth ride.

Continue to pray!