This is our Journey to Kamiko Michiah!

Marty and Tiffany

Marty and Tiffany

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Orientation Call

We had our Orientation with the Agency. More paperwork is on its way. Yeah!! We were introduced to the young lady that will walk us thru the adoption process. Once the Home study and the paperwork on the American side are received by the agency it should take approximately 12-18 weeks to complete the adoption. There are many steps that need to be taken in order for everything to run smoothly. For now we will focus on the Home Study and completing the forms that are stacking up on the table. According to the adoption agency we have already started off on a quick pace because of the Home Study already in process. That is exciting to hear!!

Step #1 accomplished

Ok, yesterday I tried to blog the update from our visit with the case worker. The system was down and I could not so you find out today.

The visit was exciting and educational. We learned that there is a lot of paperwork involved with the adoption process. We left there with a list of several items to bring to the second meeting and of course a stack of paperwork that needs to be filled out. We did schedule the first appointment needed for the Home Study. The Home Study process should take approximately 6-8 weeks. Our prayer is that it is much quicker.

We did learn that it is very difficult to adopt twins from China. There are several reasons why and I will not get into them at this time. However, there is always the possibility. We will continue to pray that the Lord's Will be done. Twins or not, we just want what He desires for us and our child/children.

Our next step is the Orientation with the agency. It is a conference call that is today.

Keep us in your prayers!!