This is our Journey to Kamiko Michiah!

Marty and Tiffany

Marty and Tiffany

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kaegan Michiah Kent

We have decided to name him Kaegan Michiah Kent. Marty found the name Kaegan and I loved it. The name Michiah is a name that Marty and I decided on several years ago when we first began trying to have kids. We liked it because it fit both male and female. The name actually came from 2 Kings. Michiah blew the trumpet at the dedication of Jerusalem.

Marty and I have picked out the bedding for Kaegan and I am ready to start painting. We will keep Kamiko's room as it is and make the other guest room Kaegan's room. I have a lot of cleaning out to do before I can begin to do anything in there. That has been my junk room and the closet is a huge mess. I will be very busy this weekend.

I spoke to the agency yesterday and our acceptance letter has been sent to China. China will now look over it and send us documents to sign with our confirmation as his parents. Next we will apply for our VISA's and the child's and finally we travel to get him. This normally takes anywhere between 3-5 months. The agency said that they will rush everything so we can have him home by Christmas. Wow!! Wouldn't that be great!!

Marty and I are so excited. We have been talking about how Kaegan is already walking and is going to be moving around this house alot. I told Marty that the long plane ride home from China is going to be very interesting with a 2 year old. We talked about how we are going to have to get doggie gates to put at the top and bottom of the stairs so he doesn't climb up them or fall down them during the night. Anyway, I could go on and on about the things we talked about but I won't bore you. Just know that we are very excited and thrilled to finally be parents.

Keep on praying!!